Should You Quit Your Job in 2018?


“Should I quit my job?”

If you’re anything at all like me, you’ve asked yourself this question. On more than one occasion. At multiple jobs. And guess what? Now it’s starting to affect your work ethic. Again.

I Actually Hate You…

You’re beginning to despise every aspect of your job. The way Bill pours his cup of coffee every single day at 8am and happily says, “Good morning!” to you as you pass is starting to piss you off. (No one likes you Bill.) Norma’s incessant tapping of her freshly painted nails on her desk while she’s on the phone makes you want to snap your keyboard in half and for fuck’s sake if Jimmy asks you how your weekend was one more time you’re going to bounce his head off his ‘Employee of the Month’ wall plaque. You’ve lost all sense of stability and you don’t care about your job anymore. This is bad.

All of these minuscule things are slowly building up to insane stress levels inside you. You are walking the thin line of an actual mental breakdown. But why is this happening to you? Are these people really that irritating to you? They’re just doing what they do. Why is this affecting you so much? They’re not to blame. It’s you.

Do you want to become mentally ill? Because this is how you become mentally ill. Nobody wants that. Not your family, not your friends, not jolly old Bill (fuck you), and definitely not you. So what exactly is your problem?

What the Hell is My Problem?

Maybe you’re feeling undervalued? We’re going to tip our hypothetical hat and say you’re feeling undervalued. Your boss is making you train new workers and keeps piling mounds of work on top of you without any intention of giving you a raise despite your excellent performance and having to ask about a million times. You don’t feel appreciated anymore so you no longer have any appreciation for your job. Sound familiar?

It could be because all of your coworkers insist on gossiping about one another and it puts a damper on the whole workplace. Like, why in the hell does Norma care who Jenny is dating? Oh shit! Ted’s packing up his stuff and leaving because Eric sabotaged him and got him fired! The front lines of your office has become a battlefield of judgments and back stabbing and you’re in the trenches eating grenades. At this point the work environment is toxic and saturated with drama. It’s a cesspool. Believe it. You’ve already been through and graduated high school (hopefully); you don’t want that shit again.

You might have finally realized that despite all of the work you put in day after day, there is just no room for advancement or growth. That glass ceiling is bullet proof. You keep banging your head against it. There goes Bill licking it again… But then comes the real question: Would you really want to end up here for the rest of your life anyway? I mean, is this actually your endgame? Seriously?

Or it might just be that you are a stereotypical Millennial and you feel it’s better to keep moving on to bigger and better things as opposed to being sucked into a boring routine that ultimately results in you resenting yourself as it bleeds into your marriage of three kids while you’re up to your damn eyes in debt and a pending lawsuit from Jimmy’s lawyer for bouncing his head off the wall, not to mention dealing with a recent filing of divorce from your significant other and the increasingly attractive thought of whether or not it’s better to just choke on a barrel. Wow! That got dark quick! But it happens.

Honestly, it could be a plethora of reasons. But it all boils down to being unhappy about some aspect of your life. Don’t pull that trigger just yet, though! There’s always a solution!

Swallow Your Damn Pride

The best way to decide if you should quit your job is to ask yourself, “Is there honestly anything I can do to fix this?” Assuming your boss will understand how you are feeling, it might help alleviate your current frustrations to talk it out with boss man. Or woman. I don’t assume genders.

Usually the best fix for work problems is to talk them out with either the owner or some form of management. Communication really is key when it comes to dealing with problems. No matter how much pride you might have, it’s usually best to swallow that pride and lay it all out on the line. It’s much more productive and yields results. (I was more so speaking to myself in those last couple of sentences. Yes, I recognize my own flaws too!)

It also doesn’t hurt to just have a heart to heart with your coworkers as well if you’re having any true problems with them. No, the constant “Good morning” comments and “How was your weekend?” questions DO NOT count. You can’t fault people for being happy or friendly. More often than not you’re just envious of their ability to be that way. Recognize that.

If you absolutely just can not talk about it with your job and you feel it in your gut that you need to leave; finish that beer, stop complaining, and make preparations to get out.

Have a Plan; Or Don’t

At this point, all else has failed and you know you are going to quit your job despite what anyone tells you. You’re not wasting any more time. You’ve made up your mind. This is it. But can you afford to quit your job? Do you have a house payment? Kids to take care of? Other bills you are obligated to?

Here’s the thing: you can make it work if you truly put the effort in. If you have a solid plan, you can make almost anything work. You can be sure to have some idea of what you’re going to do next. Apply at other jobs you may be interested in. Save up some extra money to keep you afloat while you look for another job. Take EVERYTHING into consideration when preparing to quit; this way you will be ready!

Or don’t. Just walk out without thinking. I’ve done that plenty of times myself. However, I don’t recommend this because you will be backed into a corner and forced to make things work and to be quite honest, most of you reading this can’t handle that kind of pressure. This path is not for the weak willed.

But I know myself. I know that no matter what, I will find a way to make it through because there really is no other alternative. Whether I have to live out of my car, shower at a gym, or live on fast food until I find the next best thing; it doesn’t bother me. I’ve done it. I will find a way. Plus, I like the challenge. I like grinding through all the shit just to rise back up again. (Also, I’m single without kids so it makes it easier.)

No matter how you decide to move forward (with or without a plan), just make sure that you are taking a step up; not down. You’re scaling a mountain, not walking a treadmill.

But That’s NOT What I’ve Been Taught!

Even though everyone and their mother has told you to go to school, get a good job, and have a family; life does not have to be lived with this mentality! You don’t HAVE to do anything a certain way. This is your existence to do with as you please so long as you aren’t hurting others. Life is a journey about failing, learning, progressing, and finding yourself as a human. Is someone else writing your story for you or do you hold the pen?

And I get it, we’ve all been conditioned for this. But understand that nobody has all the right answers with the magical guide to life. And that’s honestly the best part! Nothing is written in stone!

If you have to settle for something temporary again for a short time just to make ends meet, then that’s what you have to do. But understand that you can still be happy and working towards your goals in some way.

I’d much rather live my life happy than resenting myself for settling for a mediocre job and being miserable every single day there. Obviously you can not be happy all of the time; we all have our bad days. But if the majority of your life is spent enjoying yourself and the world around you, then the end is much more fulfilling.

This Video May Help

If this video doesn’t help you realize that there is more to life than just being a wage slave, then I don’t know what will. It outlines the basic principles we have been taught our whole life and throws them out the window.


If your job is making you unhappy, then quit and move on. You can always get another shitty minimum-wage job somewhere else if you have to. There’s plenty of them out there. People are too worried about the “what if this” that they can’t say, “I did that.” Make it happen. Take risks.

In the grand scheme of things, does this one lousy job compare to your overall well being? At the very least, don’t be afraid to fail. It only leaves you one step closer to succeeding.

Be afraid of spiders crawling in your mouth while you sleep. That shit’s scary.

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