The Power of Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)


Both of my feet dangled downward and grazed the wooden mulch knocking it back and forth. I swung slowly forward and backward like the alluring pendulum of a hypnotist. That moment had me so content that it actually felt like I was hypnotized.

I was at a playground with my newfound acquaintance. This was our third time hanging out and we decided to spend our evening adventuring at a park near a mountainside. After a long but successful search for her missing wallet (she had dropped it on a path earlier that day), we decided to rest on a nearby swing set. Then, we lost ourselves in conversation. We drifted so deep in one another’s words that we didn’t notice the sun had tiptoed over the horizon and let the dark consume the park.

It’s crazy where life takes us sometimes. That’s something I often stop to think about. It always leaves me with a grand appreciation for our journey and the stops we make along the way. People are always on the move so much that it’s tough to pause and realize the interesting paths we cross at times. Back to the moment.

A glare of two headlights blinded our eyes briefly as a car pulled into a parking spot in front of us but we hardly paid it any attention. There were families and joggers and people walking their dogs all around us; yet we were the only two there. No one else mattered in that moment. Our human minds were vibing on such a leveled plane of understanding as we talked about our aspirations, ambitions, and stories of how we ended up where we were. I was captivated.

For me…

…it’s all about the story.

The Meet

We had been friends on Instagram for a little over a year after she saw one of my vlog videos from my YouTube channel and decided to follow me. I followed back. We chatted every now and then but mostly did our own thing. This was during my first 8 month period of moving from Michigan to Arizona. Then I went back home.

When I moved to Phoenix for the second time, we started talking again. After a short re-introduction, we decided to meet for the first time seeing as I had only been back in town for about a month and we both needed to make more friends.

We greeted each other in front of a Walgreen’s near a strip mall in Scottsdale. After she showed me around some stores including her old workplace, we hit the giant mall nearby and walked and talked time away. We shared a ton of laughs and before we knew it, the night had ended and we said our goodbyes.

It was great. I could see myself becoming friends with this human.

Hiking the Dreamy Draw

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Our second meet up had us hiking the trails and mountains of a recreational area called Dreamy Draw in Northern Phoenix. The weather was gorgeous and the sun was inviting. We were both ready in all our fitness gear glory so we hit the trails.

We walked and talked even more this time as we took in the beauty of the land around us. Mountain ranges poked at the blue sky while the sun beamed down on the valleys of cacti doing their cactus things. Hikers beading with sweat were out tackling the trails as well. Some hours and a few Instagram stories later, we had finished hiking all over the place and decided to part ways again.

Every state has its’ wonders but Arizona really is captivating. If you ever find yourself out there, do yourself a favor and hike some mountains or go exploring. You’ll have a greater appreciation for the beauty of nature and the world we inhabit. And when that sunset shows its face you’ll melt. It’s gorgeous.

Back to the Moment

Now we arrive back to the swing set on the playground; our third venture. We both needed to get out of the house that night so we met at that park. To be honest, we were both feeling down in the dumps. We were stressing about our lives. Her starting date at her new job was being pushed back as they kept delaying the new store opening due to more renovations that needed to be done. I didn’t have a solid job just yet myself either. So we just enjoyed each other’s company and vented about it.

I remember only having $30 to my name at that time but I still wanted to do something. Anything. So I offered to pay for us to go see a movie or go to a bar. I just wanted to keep that good vibe going. She politely convinced me to save my money and assured me that we would have a proper date when we both were at a better point in life. As of today, we have reached that point.

It’s been months since then. We’re officially friends on Facebook now. We’ve had plenty of fun adventures and experiences and we are both doing very well in life. Now we can afford that moment. So Danielle and I will be having a nice dinner date tonight at Olive Garden and seeing the newly released Black Panther super hero movie afterwards.

Needless to say, I’m very much looking forward to unwinding from a rough week with an amazing person I’m proud to call my friend. To think, all of this happened from a follow on a social media platform.

We truly have the power to develop long lasting relationships and connections with people at our finger tips. That smart phone in your pocket is a community of good friends, a long term relationship with your now fiancé, or a way to create and market your own business successfully whether you know it or not. The scope of what we can accomplish is incredible and it’s something most people take for granted.

So next time you debate befriending a person on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube (make sure they aren’t a serial killer or creep first); think of the countless stories and experiences that are possible just stemming from a simple press of a button.

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