Anyone Can Do It VS. Some Will Succeed


Do you think anyone can succeed in accomplishing their goals and dreams? Yes. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

Do you think anyone can succeed in accomplishing their goals and dreams? No. The reality is that not everyone will reach their dreams or goals.

You’ve heard both sides on numerous occasions.

Many people will tell you that if you have the right mindset, work hard to put in the effort, and give it 200% of your being you can achieve everything you’ve ever wanted. Just as many, if not more, people believe that no matter how hard a person tries or how badly they want it, they will never reach the success they so desire.

Now I’m here to offer you some invaluable advice.


To be transparent, I’ve NEVER been a fan of negativity or not going for your goals; despite all of the odds being stacked against you or what people tell you. I will be the first to say, “fuck what anyone thinks; do what you want.”

I’ve always led that life myself.

But you can’t be afraid of failure either. You have to welcome the fact that you might fall flat on your face. If you fail over and over, keep doing it.

Determination is often undervalued. You will learn from each and every mistake and adjust accordingly until you finally get it right. (As a bonus, this makes your story of success all that much sweeter.)

I want you to really think about that though. There is something in your life right now that you want to try but you are afraid of the outcome. You are afraid of the unknown. It’s okay to admit it. Why do you think horror films are so successful? People are conditioned to fear the scary monster through a build up process. Just like society has conditioned us not do anything outside of the “safe route” through our childhood.

Leave that shit behind you and jump into the monster’s den. You will overpower it in the end every time, I promise you.

This is reality. You push through the beatings, the ridicule, the bullshit, your lost job, your heartbreak; even death. Yes, it hurts. But whether you realize it or not, you WILL grow stronger.


I’ve really thought a lot about my stance on this for quite some time now. Considering all of the possible angles, variables, and unforeseen circumstances; I think I have finally come to a proper conclusion.

So will you actually succeed?
The answer is: Yes, but it may not be in your lifetime, in the manner you wanted, or even by your own hands.

I’m not referring to life after death or reincarnation. I’m talking about your offspring; your children, your children’s children. Your legacy is not JUST about you; but it can definitely start with you.

Keep in mind, I’m not saying to give up putting in the work yourself. If you want something, do everything you can to get it. Maintain that positive mindset. Don’t be afraid to take that leap. Don’t feel like you’re out of time. In truth, we have SO much time left to accomplish what we want. Even in your 40’s you still have a substantial amount of time to keep working towards your goals in which you STILL might achieve.

But understand this: we need to teach our children that it’s OKAY to follow your passions and your dreams no matter how unrealistic they may seem.

Just as our past generations have instilled upon us that it’s not viable to reach for the stars, we need to correct that negative way of thinking and instill it on our kids. Let’s reinvigorate that positive outlook into future generations so that even if we don’t reach our dreams in our lifetime, we can support the success of our children and their children after that and their children after that.

I want to succeed or die trying. I want YOU to succeed or die trying. The very fact that we’ve tried is worth every bit of it. But even if we don’t end up making it there, let’s set our children up to go for it.

That in itself is succeeding.

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